Why do people reach out to me?

Why do people reach out to me? for individual business coaching

I like to say I work with individuals and teams on life’s messy, “swampy”, complicated stuff. These “swampy” issues are frequently the truly “wicked” challenges that we face with work and in the workplace usually underpinned by human behaviour.

Taking the opportunity that Covid-19 has presented for some breathing space over the past few months, I’ve explored further the question of why people reach out to me. So, here’s what I’ve found out so far. Broadly the reasons fall into three categories:

“I’m feeling stuck in my career or work and I don’t know how to get unstuck? I’ve got some big decisions to make when it comes to my career, work and life and I’m not sure where to go from here?”

  • The professionals who connect with me through my coaching practitioner work are typically mid to later career (non-digital natives) looking for greater purpose and impact through their work. They are often individuals who have had non-linear career paths but are keen to progress through their work with impact.
  • The organisations with whom I collaborate are usually professional associations, networks and increasingly virtual platforms as well as a “intermediaries” (eg IFAs, lawyers, headhunters) who are interested in supporting their members and clients where I’m invited to deliver insights via virtual and in person lunch and learns, talks, podcasts, blogs as well as moderating, facilitating and educating on how to address these issues.
  • Increasingly, a broader range of organisations are keen to support their employees explore these issues through coaching as well as some of the interventions listed above which is indeed good news as it’s going to be needed in the coming months more than ever!

There is such a huge opportunity here to change the way individuals and employers’ approach and work through these challenges – it really gets me fired up! To this end, I’m currently co-authoring a book to help mid to later career professionals on this journey. Individual business coaching is available.

“As a business founder, I need the support of an experienced, independent professional to reflect on the “swampy” challenges I’m facing as a leader?” – Individual business mentoring 

  • The development and running of accelerators aimed at supporting purpose led, impact focused founders, particularly female founders, is an area where I advise based on my experience of setting up a range of different accelerators and mentoring programmes virtually and in person. I’m especially passionate when it involves mentoring founders as part of accelerators focused on supporting them as leaders to evolve and develop. Mentoring at its core is transformational for both parties (mentor and mentee). Many mentees, however, do not understand how to get the most out of this relationship and for the most part mentors are not truly aware of their role and responsibilities in supporting founders as leaders in their own right – this is where I can help really make a difference.
  • Mentoring purpose led, impact focused founders especially of Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and SMEs inspires me on a daily basis. My background as a consultant in organisational strategy, people and change as well as my experience in women’s economic empowerment act as a strong grounding, catalyst and influence for this critical work*.

“I know we need to do more when it comes to including and advancing diverse talent (especially women) but not sure how to approach this in our organisation? We have tried a few things, but we are struggling to make progress and could do with some experienced advice and assistance.”individual business coaching

  •  Anchored in my experience of designing, developing and delivering a range of systemic interventions focused on women’s economic empowerment and advancement for global as well as local organisations, I have a track record of real impact and results working with clients in this challenging space.
  • Collaborating with organisations including professional associations and networks presenting, moderating, curating events either virtual or in person including workshops, lunch and learns, panel discussions, blogs on this important issue.

“We want to connect better with all our clients, particularly female clients. However, we’re not sure how to do this. We are seeing the rise in purchasing power of female customers and we really want to tap into this – can you help?” 

  • Based on the work I led globally at EY, I have supported clients to develop and deliver strategies on how they can better connect with their female clients (especially women in middle to senior leadership roles). Increasingly, I have also been approached by clients as the transfer of wealth shifts to women, to help them explore how they can build strategies and approaches to attract and better service female clients.

If any of this resonates with you and if you’re curious to know more, I’d be delighted to talk to you so please do get in touch at rebecca@wise.sherpa.co.uk or www.wisesherpa.co.uk. Whether you need a coach, mentor* or some advisory assistance, I’d be glad to chat with you. I would be pleased to share my experience and expertise to support you, your business and your teams to adapt, thrive and have impact in this so called ‘next normal’.

Finally, thank you to Digital Fixers, Denise McQuaid, Ghilaine Chan and our Big it up group for inspiring me to write this post.

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