Female friendly support for women entrepreneurs – a report by the University of East London

As part of my ongoing work on the economic empowerment of women and support for women entrepreneurs, I have been collaborating on behalf of the UK economic blueprint for women entrepreneurs with the University of East London and their enterprise hub on research into women and entrepreneurship. It’s really the start of the journey, as gender dis-aggregated data on this issue is hard to come by in the UK (especially in England).

The first step has been to look at what female friendly support women business owners need (vs what currently exists). The findings were launched on international women’s day this year and are included in this link. Critically, we encourage the government and the private sector to embrace the recommendations for action without further delay!

The next step which UEL are working on is looking at the eco-system in London that provides female friendly support for women entrepreneurs and business owners and start to map it (starting with accelerators, incubators, working spaces and funding). The idea is to develop a prototype mapping that can then be used by other academic hubs to replicate in their region.

The team at UEL enterprise hub are to be congratulated for all their hard work and commitment to addressing this issue in such an action oriented way!

For further information on the UK Economic Blueprint, please follow this link http://pinkshoeclub.com/uel-eb-report-on-female-friendly-business-support/