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Are you a purpose led and impact focused professional or organisation who is looking to realise your aspirations and achieve your goals but feel you are stuck or uncertain of your next step or steps? Executive coaching could make the difference.

Wise Sherpa provides executive coaching in London as well as via virtual means and focuses on coaching purpose led and impact focused professionals and teams across a range of sectors, organisations, levels of leadership and cultures to navigate their journeys successfully.

Our areas of expertise coaching purpose led, and impact focused professionals, organisations and teams includes:

  • Career navigation and management for diverse talent – especially women – with common issues including leading with impact, raising or building a raising professional profile and network, planning and executing next career moves, preparing and getting the next big role, navigating the first 100 days in role.
  • Mid-life career to later life transitions – including transitioning out of or retirement from large organisations
  • Career navigation and management through major life stages – including parental and caring responsibilities.
  • High performing virtual cross-functional and cultural teams

Our coaching takes place either in person or virtually/online, is highly interactive and involves practical exercises and committed reflection and action by the client.

Leveraging her learning from her MSc in Coaching at Said Business School, Oxford and as an EY (Ernst & Young) accredited coach, Wise Sherpa’s founder, Rebecca Hill, has developed a tailored coaching approach including integrating concepts from neuroscience and mindfulness – areas where she has a strong interest.

The benefits of working with Wise Sherpa include a personalised, pragmatic and practical approach where you experience real progress towards your aspirations and goals. To better understand the impact of working with Wise Sherpa check out the testimonials page.

If you are interested in an initial free 30-minute discussion, please book a slot through the scheduler [to be developed] or contact us via email or telephone number below. All conversations are confidential, and you are under no obligation. 

If you would like to learn a little more about our thinking and approach at Wise Sherpa, then please sign up here to download our booklet Career hacks for a more sustainable and fulfilling life [coming soon!]. executive coaching london

executive coaching london

How does Executive Coaching work?

You and your coach have an initial meeting, this can be virtual or in person to decide if you have the right “chemistry” to work together and if coaching will help you achieve your goals. If you both want to progress, then you will meet either virtually or in person on a regular basis, initially to establish your goals and actions and then to ensure you deliver them. Every meeting ends with a committed set of actions that you will deliver, and your coach holds you accountable for completing them. Your coach will explore questions with you, which in many cases, can be challenging and which you have possibly been avoiding. It is through the process of questioning discussion that ideas are generated, and you will decide what really needs to be acted on. This then creates your set of actions. If your coach has specific insights or knowledge to share that might help you (or speed up the process) they will share them with you.

How long would the Coach/Coachee work together?

This is entirely up to you. On average it’s usually a six to twelve-month commitment as this is a reasonable time frame in which to see strong and sustainable results. Coaching is not a “quick fix” solution. There are clients who have worked with us for a number of years making continuous improvements and others who meet their specific goals in just six months.

What’s the coach's responsibility?

In each interaction, the coach should act with integrity, sincerity and confidentiality. The coach needs to be fully present for each interaction setting aside all other distractions creating a safe space with support and encouragement to explore and take appropriate risks. If the coach cannot provide appropriate assistance, they should refer you to a range of resources.

What’s my responsibility as the coachee?

Coachees need to be open and committed to action and self-development; ready to explore what they are doing and not doing and what decisions and changes they may need to make in order to move forward.

How is coaching different from therapy or counselling?

Coaching focuses on looking forward to the future. Therapy and counselling largely focus on your history and analysing how you got to your present state. Therapists and counsellors often ask question starting with why –coaches usually ask questions starting with what.

Can you guarantee coaching works?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Coaching is designed to make the coachee more successful and ultimately, only you as the coachee can guarantee that you will do what it takes to make this happen. If you as coachee don’t complete the actions you commit to take, you won’t see the same levels of progress. If we as coaches don’t meet your expectations, you are free to stop working with us at any time.

How much does coaching cost?

Our coaching can be managed to fit most budgets – there are options like virtual coaching or buying packages that can help manage the cost further. The key question for you as a prospective coachee, is how much do you value the service? Price should not be used as an excuse to not to go for it. If you are interested and committed to developing yourself and your business and have a budget in mind, please contact us to discuss how we can help you further as we would be very interested in exploring working together.

executive coaching london

Executive Coaching London from Wise Sherpa