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Why do people reach out to me?

Why do people reach out to me? for individual business coaching I like to say I work with individuals and teams on life’s messy, “swampy”, complicated stuff. These “swampy” issues are frequently the truly “wicked” challenges that we face with work and in the workplace usually underpinned by human behaviour. Taking the opportunity that Covid-19

Why acting your way into a new way of thinking really can be the catalyst to the change you’re looking to make?

Why acting your way into a new way of thinking really can be the catalyst to change you’re looking to make When it comes to our careers, so many of us face challenges in actually making a move. Our tendency is to plan (read dream), maybe take just another training course, talk to just a

Why it’s critical to have a “Board You Cannot Afford”​

I was fortunate enough several years ago to be introduced to three interesting women in a very short time period – just at the point the Women on Boards discussion in the UK was hotting up with the publication of the Davies Review into the status of women on boards in the UK. And to the concept of A

The power of purpose – Career hacks for a sustainable and fulfilling life

power of purpose Eighteen months ago, I took the decision to embark on a new adventure building a different life leaving behind my 25-year City career which led to some big changes including founding Wise Sherpa – dedicated to coaching, mentoring and consulting to purpose led and impact focused leaders looking to create sustainable change.

Why a growth mindset is your single biggest asset – career hacks for a sustainable and fulfilling life

Growth Minsdset During a recent break, I decided to re-read Carol Dwek’s seminal work on Mindset – how you can fulfil your potential; partly because I was reflecting upon my work as a coach, mentor and advisor at Wise Sherpa and my learnings and partly because I wanted to support my daughter more effectively as a

Five career hacks* for a more sustainable and fulfilling life

In my work with Wise Sherpa, I am regularly asked to share top career hacks*. As we reach the end of January and many of our good intentions from the start of the New Year drop away and we revert to old, well embedded behaviours, I thought it would be timely to highlight a few

Female friendly support for women entrepreneurs – a report by the University of East London

As part of my ongoing work on the economic empowerment of women and support for women entrepreneurs, I have been collaborating on behalf of the UK economic blueprint for women entrepreneurs with the University of East London and their enterprise hub on research into women and entrepreneurship. It’s really the start of the journey, as

Reflections on international women’s day 2019

One of the things I really value about International Women’s Day every year on 8th March is the sheer amount of interesting research published. However, one of the challenges is keeping track due to sheer volume that is launched on IWD. I’m fortunate to have a committed eco-system of  research fiends who share anything interesting

All the best meetings happen in the kitchen

All the best meetings happen in the kitchen. On Sunday evening, I found myself in the slightly bizarre but very privileged position as a W20 delegate* sitting in a kitchen of the beautiful and historical surroundings of the Societe d’Encouragement pour l’industrie National on Paris’ left bank eating sushi and listening to the French Minister

W20 Argentina – No going back

What a week it’s been! As the work of the past year culminates with the handover of the W(Women) 20 communique to the President of Argentina it’s time for a little reflection (to be followed by yet more focused action)!   I’ve been fortunate to participate in the work of the W20 – an official