From Work Life to New Life

From Work Life to New Life

As a wise person we know once said, most business books tend to be 300+ pages because printers need the spine to be big enough for the title and stores want books to be attractive on their shelves! We question whether that’s a good place to start and besides is quantity really better than quality? So, we’ve written a short and concise, highly practical book – From Work Life to New Life.

Aimed at mid- to later-career professionals looking to transition out of large organisational life, these professionals are keen to explore what a fulfilling encore career could be. One thing is for sure, retirement in its classic sense is not something that appeals! So, if this sounds like you or someone you know or potentially, you’re looking to support a group of individuals in this situation, please keep reading and get in touch!

Working with many professionals over time, we’ve discovered that it is easy to become stuck when heading into or in the midst of this major transition. A process of reflection and self-awareness is vital, but most professionals end up lacking inspiration as to where and how to forge an encore career. They need encouragement to experiment, play, make mistakes, and learn. That’s what our book provides!

Whilst this may not seem urgent, our experience is that many also leave it too late to kick start the process. The tools in the book are for use, adaptation, or to be ignored, the key is to have fun, experiment, and be bold.

Though our book is concise, it packs a punch. It can be read in a single afternoon or can be dipped in out of on a journey. It provides readers with inspiration and provocation for experimenting with the first steps towards building an impactful, purpose-led encore career.

For more information please follow this link to the dedicated website.