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Rebecca Hill - Executive Coach, London, UK

Wise Sherpa is the brainchild of Rebecca Hill, a former “Big 4” global Director with an extensive background working for major global professional and financial service organisations. Her most recent role was as global director specialising in people-focused business strategy and organisational change. In this role she developed well-honed intra-preneurial, coaching, mentoring and facilitating skills. executive coach london

After 25 years in the City, Rebecca is now firmly embedded in the entrepreneurial space having successfully launched several businesses with business partner James Hasler. In her work through Wise Sherpa, Rebecca is collaborating with a number of purpose led and impact focused Start Ups, Scale Ups and SMEs as well as more established organisations and businesses providing mentoring, coaching and business strategy and change consulting services – this includes as a founding mentor for the female focused weinsocialtech accelerator backed by Deutsche Bank as well as a business mentor for the New Entrepreneur Foundation’s programme and the NatWest accelerator.

She also mentors and coaches purpose led and impact focused individuals and has a particular interest and specialism in working with professionals looking to transition out of the corporate world at mid-career.  As a result of the mentoring and coaching work, she has taken on a limited number of strategy and change consulting assignments working with a small number of these businesses on their purpose led and impact focused journey.

At the core of her business belief system, Rebecca has a passion for the economic empowerment of women. Whilst at EY (Ernst and Young) she led their global Women Fast Forward Programme. She also sits on the UK delegation to the Women20 (W20) – an official engagement group of the G20 – and works with the UK government on policy issues related to women and enterprise. She is also an active investor in women owned and led businesses as a member of the Rising Tide consortium and SheEo. As a result, much of her coaching and mentoring work is with women leaders in large organisations as well entrepreneurs/female founders.

Rebecca holds an MSc in Coaching and Consulting from Said Business School, Oxford University and HEC Paris, as well as being a Chartered Marketer and qualified coach. She has lived and worked in several countries including France, US and Switzerland. She also sits on a number of advisory boards and has most recently taken on a public appointment as a member of the grant giving panel for Coast to Coast C2C) Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Rebecca frequently speaks on a broad range of topics including women’s economic empowerment, mid-life career transitions, navigating major life stages from a career perspective to name a few. She also authors “Latest Thinking” the Wise Sherpa blog and contributes to articles and research on a regular basis. If you are interested in securing Rebecca as speaker or as a guest writer, please contact Wise Sherpa on the details below. Executive coach London

What do we mean by purpose led professionals and organisations?

Increasingly, we are finding that many professionals are asking themselves questions at a more profound level in their lives like Why? To what end? Many professionals, especially the more experienced ones, due to much of the turbulence we are now seeing in the world, are looking at their lives and realising that they want the years they have remaining to be productive, impactful and meaningful. The key to achieving this is really to have clarity of purpose. If you are able as a professional to have clarity of purpose through your work, then the interaction between work and “life” become more integrated, rewarding and fruitful especially through their work. This doesn’t mean there isn’t friction at times but when we lose or lack clarity of purpose that’s when we are most likely to lose ourselves, our wellbeing and many other things suffer too.

Working with purposeful professionals is exciting and rewarding. If you are unsure whether or how to be a more purposeful professional then starting with purpose and the question why is probably your first step. The same is true of purpose led organisations – if there is clarity of purpose then there is higher employed engagement, productive and stronger outcomes.

What do we mean by impact focused professionals and organisations?

Impact focused professionals and organisations apply the lens of people, planet and profit through their work. These values of people, planet and profit are firmly embedded in the belief that business is there to serve society and the individuals within them (and not the opposite) and align powerfully with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make business and leadership a power for good.

Working with impact focused professionals is hugely motivating as they are often trying to solve some of the very pressing issues we are facing in these times. If you are unsure whether or how to be a more impact focused professional or organisation then looking at how you approach the values of people, planet and profit through the work you do can be a good starting point.

What is a Sherpa?

The members of the Sherpa population are known for their skills in mountaineering. Subsequently, Sherpas have become known globally as world-class mountain climbing guides whose purpose is to guide climbers and help carry the load. Sherpas face the same harsh conditions and take the same risks as the climbers.

And Why Wise Sherpa?

We believe in walking shoulder to shoulder with our clients on their journey and helping to share the load with them as they learn and evolve. executive coach london