Wise Sherpa Approach

What do we mean by purpose led professionals and organisations?

Increasingly, we are finding that many experienced professionals are asking themselves questions at a more profound level in their lives like Why? To what end? Many professionals, especially the more experienced ones, due to much of the turbulence we are now seeing in the world, are looking at their lives and realising that they want the years they have ahead to be purposeful, impactful and potentially with a purpose led legacy.

If you are unsure whether or how to become a more purpose led professional and leader or you are an organisation looking to support your leaders on their journey to be more purpose led, then we should talk.

What do we mean by impact focused?

Impact focused professionals and organisations embed not just profit but also people and planet into their core values. These values of people, planet and profit are fundamental to the mission and movement gathering pace that business is here to serve society and the individuals within (and not the opposite). It aligns powerfully with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make business and its leadership a powerful force for good focused on addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time.

If you are unsure whether or how to evolve your impact focus either as a professional and leader or an organisation looking to support your leaders on their journey to being more impact focused, then we should talk.

What is a Sherpa?

The members of the Sherpa population are known for their skills in mountaineering. Subsequently, Sherpas have become known globally as world-class mountain climbing guides whose purpose is to guide climbers and help carry the load. Sherpas face the same harsh conditions and take the same risks as the climbers.

And Why Wise Sherpa?

We believe in walking shoulder to shoulder with our clients on their journey and helping to share the load with them as they learn and evolve.


Wise Sherpa Approach

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