What's in the name, Wise Sherpa?

After leaving large organisational life some five years ago, I decided to set up a business. I knew what the business would be – coaching and consulting impact focused clients in a systemic and sustainable way. And to be truthful it wasn’t difficult coming up with a name – Wise Sherpa.

But what’s in a business name and does it matter? As I reflect over the past five years (having just delivered a refresh of my website), my perspective is more than ever that it absolutely does matter. I believe that a business’ name should communicate the essence of it so that it resonates with your clients and stakeholders. At the time of creating my business, I received lots of advice to put my name on the business but it just didn’t sit well with me – it didn’t resonate. So why did I give my business the name Wise Sherpa? I wanted to communicate the essence of my vision for it  –

 “I believe in walking shoulder to shoulder with my clients on their journey and helping to share the load and as they learn and evolve – so do I.”

As part of my approach, I wanted an image that represented the essence of Wise Sherpa and what it stands for. And as a I sit typing this blog over five years later, I am truly pleased that I can say that I still love what I created. Its circular design around the “i” representing impact and sustainability (think circular economy) is as important to me as ever and the colours of orange representing optimism and enthusiasm and blue representing inspiration, trust and wisdom.

I continue to be inspired by the work I am doing most recently with:

  1. a leading Impact VC and a number of the founders in its investment portfolio,
  2. a number of senior leadership teams to integrate impact into their mission, vision and strategy for their businesses,
  3. Noon – an inspiring organisation focused on supporting women in midlife and beyond to continue to thrive,
  4. coaching a range of impact focused professionals one to one on their desire for greater impact through their work and beyond,

And as I look forward to the next five years and beyond, I am excited by what lies ahead!

If you’re curious to know more about any of the above, I’d be delighted to talk to you so please do get in touch at rebecca@wise.sherpa.co.uk or www.wisesherpa.co.uk. Or to learn what my clients say about me, please either check out my LinkedIn profile and/or my website testimonials page.

Rebecca Hill, Founder, Wise Sherpa

A little more about Wise Sherpa –

Wise Sherpa’s passion is business coaching, mentoring and consulting with purpose led and impact focused professionals and organisations creating a reflective space to help them thrive from a people, planet, profit perspective.

We use our experience as executive coaches, business mentors, facilitators and consultants of change to assist our clients to successfully realise their aspirations and achieve their goals.

Our approach is highly personalised and tailored to the needs of each client which is why our clients consistently report strong outcomes.

Crucially, we are also able to leverage our network to help clients to access further targeted support should they require it through a key number of associates with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

Get in touch with Wise Sherpa today.