Coming full circle.

Where you start from isn’t where you necessarily end up (or is it?)

During a conversation with one of my associates recently, I found myself sharing an often-quoted insight: “Where you start a business as an owner or entrepreneur is rarely where you end up”. This is something I have experienced many times over, both when creating my own businesses or working with founders and leaders growing their businesses – that when you set out on the journey of creating and scaling a business you will likely do some or all of the following; pivot, consolidate, tweak, completely change directions and much more. So that the business you end up with as a business owner or entrepreneur a few years or less looks very different from your original intentions and plans but when you started you had no way of knowing that your destination was going to be very different from your original ideas.

However, as I came to realise through this recent conversation, sometimes as a business owner or entrepreneur you can find yourself coming full circle entirely back to the original concept from where you started. Looking back through some old notebooks and plans of mine from five years ago when I first looked at the idea of what Wise Sherpa could be, a realisation hit me that this is what has happened to me – I have come full circle!

Creating and growing a business (as many of you will know) is challenging, sometimes tough, often lonely but ultimately a rewarding adventure. Looking back at my early plans for Wise Sherpa, I had set myself the objective to create and run a series of events for women with the intention of longer-term possibly creating a tribe (something I have written about on several occasions). But along the way with the pandemic and other opportunities that arose that objective was set aside as I took my work in a different direction.

However, it must have lingered somewhere in my subconscious as I’ve come back full circle through my collaboration with Philippa Gillstrom, and we are in the process of developing the Wiseacious Women approach. The first in-person small group workshop will take place on Saturday 16th March in South East London at the lovely Sydenham Garden. We’ve called it From Wonder Women to Wiseacious Women –  an opportunity for women in midlife to explore how to better understand, acknowledge and meet their needs so they can take better care of themselves. For those who are interested, or know of someone who might be interested, there will be more to follow on social media shortly but it’s going to be a powerful, reflective and replenishing small group experience. 

I am further coming full circle in my work with Meg Sullivan, founder and owner of Quorum – an inspiring network of women leaders in the US and internationally. We will be working with members on the Board You Cannot Afford concept – developing a white paper for further publication. For those who are not familiar with the concept of the Board You Cannot Afford, please check out my earlier blog. In the upcoming session we are hosting on 12th December 2023 12pm EST/5pm UK, we will be discussing and testing the concept ready for further publication.

Whilst I am deeply at ease (and quite frankly proud) of how my business has evolved and grown over the past five years, I am excited to see that it’s coming back full circle to focus in on the work I had originally intended to do when I first set out on this adventure.

If you’re curious to know more about Wiseacious Women and the upcoming workshop on 16th March 2024, or the upcoming Board You Cannot Afford virtual session hosted by Quorum on 12th December 2023, please do email me at Or if you would like to know more about what it would be like to work with me one to one, I’d be delighted to talk to you. Alternatively, to learn what my clients say about me, please check out either my LinkedIn profile and/or my website testimonials page.

Rebecca Hill, Founder, Wise Sherpa

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