Turning 50, so what?

Turning 50, so what?

This summer marked a milestone birthday for me – inhabiting planet earth for half a century or five decades spread across two millennia is indeed in so many ways something to be acknowledged.

It’s strange. Previous “big” birthdays were marked by big celebrations and some fanfare. So why should this birthday, turning 50, feel so different?

For one, there is the backdrop of the pandemic which has put the brakes on any anticipated celebrations. But that’s not really the whole story.

As I find myself well and truly in mid-life transitioning into what I want my impact and legacy focused encore to be, I’m tapping into a different energy. Underpinned by coming to terms that I am over half to two-thirds way through my journey on this planet and an emerging awareness of what this means to me. Homing in on the question of where do I want to focus my energies and time? And how do I want to show up to do the work that matters to me most with impact with the people and organisations that matter for as long as possible.

Right now, marking my half century is less about the big party (that will come when the time is right) and more of a reflective journey; acknowledging it with focus, energy and commitment of what I want my encore to be. That doesn’t mean that it’s all hard work and no fun, it simply means that I am more careful about the desires of others (eg. waste all that professional experience, look and behave a certain way etc etc) and increasingly tuning in to my own desires as I head into the next decade(s). So next week, I’m heading off as part of my celebrations to my first five-day silent retreat – I’m curious to see what comes through!

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