And Breathe....

Make time to breathe, be and reflect*

“The task is not to generate meaning, but rather to cultivate in ourselves the skill of discerning the meaning that is already there.” C Newport

A good friend and colleague recently shared this quote with me, and it just seemed so relevant as I write this blog!

As some of you might know, June marks my three-year anniversary of leaving large organisational life and embarking on the next stage of my journey; creating Wise Sherpa and defining what I want my work to be for this next stage (yes, I really did do it that way round). Starting and building a business during these times has been different from anything I could have imagined – exciting, rewarding, frustrating and so much more.

When I created Wise Sherpa eighteen months ago, I made a commitment that to be the best possible version of myself, I would:

1) Collaborate with individuals and organisations who are curious, creative and open to challenge even if it makes for discomfort at times and who through their actions and words are genuinely committed to sustainable impact (no one hit wonders!)

2) Evolve and develop as a professional and individual to serve my clients as best possible.

3) Create time and space to breathe and be.

In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to participate in the pioneer cohort of Transition Excellence – a programme created and led by Rich Litvin. Rich has spent 15 years gradually building what is a truly inspiring approach to consulting and coaching built on a background as a leader in education.

The programme has inspired and influenced me on so many levels and I am finding myself as a result in conversation and dialogue with some very talented coaches and clients. I am truly grateful to have found my tribe – bringing me huge joy and learning.

For much of my more recent career, I have also been fortunate to have benefitted from some amazing coaches, mentors, and sponsors. However, by spring this year, I knew I needed to find a coach for this next stage of my journey and the universe once again showed up when as part of my change leaders’ community of practice I met a wonderful somatic coach. As a knowledge based professional, I spend so much of my time in my head. I realised that I needed to get into my body more, so this is the work I am doing with my coach. I am particularly focused on exploring my energy; my relationship with and to it and its role in my interpersonal interactions – virtual and face to face.

The next part of the puzzle presented itself earlier this year when a silver lining emerged from the pandemic. The Modern Elder Academy had been on my radar for several years as somewhere I would love to go and spend time to learn, reflect and grow but given that I have a relatively young family, ageing parents and a husband running his own business, a prolonged trip to Baja, Mexico was a high unlikely scenario. So, when the MEA offered up their first virtual academy at the start of the 2021, I jumped at the chance. It has been a wonderfully insightful experience. Providing a framing for my work with Wise Sherpa and my clients going forward especially around transitions – which I am so excited to share with you all (watch out for my next blog!)

2021 has so far been an intense period of activity focused on personal and business growth! I have clients who inspire me on pretty much a daily basis and who are more and more aligned with the work I want to be focused on with Wise Sherpa – serving, challenging, and guiding professionals in mid to later life on their journeys into purposeful and fulfilling encores. I am excited to share that the book I’m co-authoring on The Rise of Un-Retirement (and which is foundational to my work with Wise Sherpa) is absolutely heading in the right direction for publication (more on that in a future blog). 

As I look forward this July and August, as they have been for the past three years, are my time to breathe and be:

– In Newport’s words: “to cultivate in ourselves the skill of discerning the meaning that is already there”. Part of that skill is to create the white space and energy that allows us to discern.

– And, to spend a lot of precious time with family and friends in our camper van adventuring and creating memories before jumping back into the maelstrom of work and life.

My wish and challenge to you is to create some white space to meet your needs over these coming months.

See you all in September.

*in the Northern Hemisphere

Rebecca Hill of Wise Sherpa is a consultant, coach and mentor. For more information, please get in touch using the details on the contact page of the Wise Sherpa website.

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