Individually crafted, 100% sustainable & totally unique - What you don't know about me & about my coaching & consulting?

Individually crafted, 100% sustainable & totally unique! What you don’t know about me & about my coaching & consulting?

I’m currently loving being part of a pioneer cohort of a programme for senior executives building their coaching and consulting businesses as they transition out of their large organisational careers. Rich Litvin – who is responsible the programme – recently discussed with us his fascination with the English concept of Bespoke. This triggered something in me.

What many of you won’t know about me is that I am an avid trawler of junk and charity shops or “opp shops” as my Australian friend calls them. I love taking time and finding that rare gem or treasure – giving it a new lease of life, saving it from landfill and sometimes even getting a bargain – it’s all part of the experience. However, if I’m honest, what probably gives me the biggest kicks is knowing that I own something that is truly unique! 

When I think about Wise Sherpa, the coaching and consulting business I’m building, at its core is the individually tailored, unique experience that I craft for my clients – working with experienced professionals and leaders on their mid to later life transitions helping them to build a purpose led, sustainable encore and if they choose leaving an impact focused legacy however they define it.

Take as an example my client Laura, a financial services professional, CEO, founder and entrepreneur in mid-life. As we started our 6-months of coaching, we thought our work together would centre on her leadership and business growth journey anchored in the new enterprise she was creating. We met regularly both virtually and face to face in wonderful settings in central London. As her journey evolved, it became evident that Laura was feeling increasingly drained and struggling to make sense of how to make the new enterprise and herself thrive. So, we agreed to pause and re-group, and after much reflection (including developing a very quick proto-type to the market), she decided to sell off the intellectual property assets she had developed and wrap up the new enterprise. What had emerged for her in the process of our collaboration, was that whilst she had a passion for the issue, setting up an enterprise to address it was not going to be part of where she wanted to take herself and her work. Because our work together was uniquely crafted around Laura – her needs, motivations and purpose – we were able to navigate and pivot in our collaboration so that what emerged for her was what really mattered to her. She is now successfully running her health concierge business focused on supporting blue chip organisations, taking it to new levels whilst training to become a transformational coach.

My coaching and consulting is not for everyone. For each client I work with (and I only work with five clients one to one at any one time), I craft a coaching experience unique to them, built around their needs and priorities. It’s high touch and at times can be quite challenging. Clients love that their coaching experience is individually crafted and completely unique to them and that crucially the outcomes speak for themselves as transformational and sustained because of this.

If you are interested in knowing more about my coaching and Wise Sherpa, please do get in contact at And if you enjoyed reading this post, there are many more on the Wise Sherpa website so feel free to take a look.

PS I am so committed to sustainability as one of Wise Sherpa’s core pillars, I even designed the logo so that the i is a circle representing the sustainable nature and focus of the work.

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