Five career hacks* for a more sustainable and fulfilling life

In my work with Wise Sherpa, I am regularly asked to share top career hacks*. As we reach the end of January and many of our good intentions from the start of the New Year drop away and we revert to old, well embedded behaviours, I thought it would be timely to highlight a few of these career hacks which may challenge you and some of those comfortable behaviours.

Over the coming weeks, I will be going into more detail on each of the five career hacks highlighted below, backed up by sound thinking from some of my favourite thought leaders, discussing why:

1) A growth mindset is your single biggest asset

2) Focusing on your purpose in the context of 100-year life can give you renewed energy

3) Acting your way into a new way of thinking can be the catalyst to the change you’re looking to make

4) It’s critical to have a board you cannot afford in your life to help you navigate key decisions and difficult situations

5) Self-compassion and healthy boundaries are vital to maintaining your well being

I’ve drawn on the work of five of my all-time favourite and most respected thinkers and practitioners (who all happen to be women walking the talk) and my experience in my upcoming posts and look forward to sharing these insights with you and hearing your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Rebecca Hill, Founder, Wise Sherpa

*career hacks = ideas that can inspire and influence you to take action when it comes to your career
Rebecca Hill is a Mentor and Coach with Wise Sherpa as well as principal consultant with HHc

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